Skin Tech Pharma Group S.L., is a privately held structure, based in Costa Brava, Spain, that results from the merger of three companies having a longstanding and recognized existence in the aesthetic world market.

Skin Rebirth S.L. (SKIN TECH), Aesthetic Dermal S.L. (RRS and XL Hair) and Sicosmedd Eurolab S.L. joined their research, production and business abilities to form the new group.
This merger allows boosting the development of the different branches of the new group: aesthetic branch, pharmaceutical branch and research/development and manufacture branch.

Skin Tech Pharma Group S.L. clusters the distribution channels of the 3 merged companies on Europeans as well as on non-European countries and will allow to expand its presence on the worldwide markets.
The new group specially greatly improved its ability to research and develop new technologies, to manufacture actual and future brands that will extend the scope of the group to the global aesthetic and pharmaceutical markets.

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